About Us

Who We Are

Abba Lake County is a Christian, non denominational men’s prayer group that meets weekly to pray for the needs of Lake County

About ABBA Lake County

We welcome your interest in our group.  ABBA is a men’s prayer group that meets to pray for Lake County Illinois.  We welcome all baptised believers in Jesus Christ who want to meet in unity and peace to lift up Lake county in prayer.  Our group is not affiliated with or supported by any denomination.   We meet once a week in the early morning hours in a neutral location.  The group is lay-led by members of the group.

What we believe

We believe in praying to God most high, revealed to us in the holy bible.  We believe that prayer prayed in unity is effective when it agrees with God’s will.  We believe Lake County has needs that need to be prayed for in earnest.  We believe in God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We believe God hears our prayers and answers from heaven.